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Approach to Design and Philosophy

Our mission is to provide a humanist architecture that is well linked to its region.The character, quality and functional requirements of the customer and the end user are essential ingredients that give rise to the shape, planning and choice of materials.Hierarchy of spaces and a balance of open and closed spaces, while retaining visual interest, are essential planning design ingredients.Contrast with light, texture, marriage of interior and exterior spaces, as well as good details, are characteristic of our work.We believe that modernism, originality, and respect for heritage and local tradition are equally important elements of the language of architecture.These ingredients, combined with simplicity, convenience and economic brings us sustainable development .  
Many of our projects are developed in the context of an urban or semi-rural environment, and the structures we create to survive with members of the community. Communities naturally have legitimate concerns and desires, and these have given rise to a more rigorous design system for the built environment. As architects and planners, we recognize the importance of working closely with governments, municipalities, planners and staff. We are sensitive to what is correct and appropriate for each parameter, each environment, each social context, and each neighborhood. We work actively together to solve problems that are unique to each site. In this regard, we excel as thinkers and visionaries, offering a new approach to each project to achieve “Sustainable development that stands the test of time”.

Our Team

An experienced multidisciplinary team opening its horizons with a more constant and supported contribution to architecture. From its professional core and by using advanced computer technology, the firm quickly remarked by quality of its achievements. Now Studio A International¨ has many projects in fields of diversified practice such as office buildings, commercial and dwelling buildings, industrial buildings, aswell as difence oriented architectural solutions.


Architectural Design Principal

After graduating in architecture from METU ( ODTU), he completed his master’s degree in architecture (CAD / DAO- Computer aided design) at Université Laval-Canada. He has realized many projects in Canada and in the overseas . Gur Alp Soykandar will cover the entire built environment aspect of architectural projects from design to implementation on sites with international experience including the US, Canada, the Middle East and Africa, over 30 years .


Interior & Commercial Design Project Leader


Construction & Project Job Site Management Leader

He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, Middle East Technical University in 1988 with B. Arch. title. His master studies are in “Tourism and Resort type Luxury Hotels” and Planning, Design and Management Problems. He received his Masters degree in Architecture in 1991 and continued his career in Canada.He specialized in the construction of high end residences, commercial & industrial buildings and land development.

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